The Deeper Meaning & Value Behind The Jade Necklace in New Zealand

Ancient Jade necklace

Travelers who are looking at buying a jade necklace in New Zealand will often see a beautifully designed gemstone that ticks all of the aesthetic boxes. With some darker tones and others that illuminate off the light, they make for prized possessions regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.

For all of their obvious qualities that are showcased online and offline, these goods happen to carry an extra layer of significance and value for the people of New Zealand. They happen to be far more than just generic commodities, offering users a chance to invest in a material that enjoys a long history through an ancient culture.


Entrenched in Maori Culture & Tradition

It is clear from those who are native to the land and others who have travelled to the region how important the jade necklace in New Zealand happens to be. With a rich history and tradition for the Maori people, this cut of greenstone is named Pounamu. It happens to be categorised according to its particular colour, cut and location that it has been sourced, displaying the inanga, the tangiwai, the kahurangi and the kawakawa respectively. The tressure was an important trade commodity between Maori communities dating back centuries as they are possessed within the family and passed down from one generation to the next.


Thermal Conductivity

Shoppers and passers-by won’t come across a jade necklace in New Zealand and think about their blood flow, but these two subjects are actually interconnected. With thermal conductivity properties, the stone happens to absorb hot and cold elements that work to reduce body temperature. That cool surface temperature feel is designed to facilitate and promote healthy blood flow, ideal for citizens who suffer from any range of health conditions that have been diagnosed.


Spiritual Healing Stone

The jade necklace in New Zealand signifies loving heart energy and in turn, promotes a sense of spiritual healing for those that possess the stone. Harmony, relaxation, and happiness are common themes that are promoted with these collections, encouraging a sense of nobility and magic. There are negative spiritual components like deceit where these materials offer protection for their owner. For those participants who want to find a way to experience spiritual healing for their wellbeing, they are often presented with a range of jade materials.

Emotional Healing Properties

Jade necklace jewelry

The jade necklace in New Zealand is used to help promote a healthy state of body and mind throughout, offering another layer of deeper meaning that is often overlooked by community members. The soothing properties of these surfaces allows individuals to eliminate forms of negativity from their life, encouraging clarity with people’s dreams and facilitating a positive emotional energy that is experienced shortly after acquiring the item. That change in mindset is commonly linked with an infusion of passion and ideas that leads to personal growth and development.


Physical Wellbeing

When sellers and users of a jade necklace in New Zealand discuss these deeper meanings behind the item, they will cover a range of topics in the process. Another component that is involved in this domain is physical wellbeing. It was once considered the “spleen-stone” for expelling stones from the body in ancient cultures. For the jadeite cuts of the greenstone, that are utilised by communities to heal from accidents and to recover quickly from illness. It signifies love, health and longevity.


The good news for participants who want to invest in a jade necklace in New Zealand is that they can source a range of nephrite and jadeite collections to suit their tastes, their style and their budget. Run a search for the best sellers in the market and get an up-close-and-personal feel for these valuable ornaments before deciding on a purchase.