Helpful Advice for Participants of Mediation in Sydney

Couple undertaking a mediation proceeding in Sydney

The advantages of working through a separation are improved for members of mediation in Sydney.

This is a semi-formal process that allows women and men to be involved in a voluntary practice, empowering them to take ownership of the outcome and to reach terms that they are happy with.

Away from the overly formal environment of court where stipulations will be imposed on people, this is a chance to enjoy proactive discussions without all of the other strings attached.

Despite the benefits that are involved in this scenario, it is still important for community members to take on board advice from those who have been there and done that before.


Consult With Legal Counsel

Even if both sides agree to leave their lawyers outside of the premises with mediation in Sydney, it is beneficial to consult with these legal experts before and after the sessions have been held. In many cases they will have a seat at the table, ensuring they are not interjecting but offering advice when it is sought by the client. This is helpful for people who want to know what they are entitled to and what they are responsible for. The good news is that these terms are flexible, allowing former couples to set their own agenda if both sides of the aisle indeed agree.


Stand Firm on Non-Negotiable Terms

If there are former partners who were happy to settle out of court and accept the word of the other spouse, then divorce mediation in Sydney would be incredibly brief. In an overwhelming majority of cases, there are complications involved because one party is pushing for terms that are hard to settle on. Despite the pressure that is applied, it is important for women and men to stand firm on the terms that they have classified as non-negotiable. Once they have received counsel from their lawyer, they will know what they are entitled to, and this can venture from property rights, child custody or business investments.


Concessions Help

As important as those non-negotiable terms are for participants of mediation in Sydney, there should also be a number of negotiable talking points that will be put on the table for discussion. To demonstrate that the individual is operating in good faith and wants to be able to reach a sound conclusion, then concessions must be offered. It will include child custody matters and ownership of terms involving financial and sentimental value.


Establish a Workable Timetable

Mediation in Sydney is not a practice that should accumulate multiple weeks and months to drag the matter out for all parties. Although everything won’t be concluded inside one sitting, it is necessary to come to the table on that first date and determine a workable timetable. Especially for those adults who already have a lot on their plate with work and family commitments, creating a workable schedule will help to relieve stress and set boundaries.


Approach With an Open Mind

It is the easiest thing in the world to have preconceptions and assumptions about what is involved with mediation in Sydney, but it is only when the sessions are held do participants realise what is involved. Of course, it is far better than the alternative route of court, yet there are many citizens who still bring a lot of baggage to the table and struggle to operate in good faith. Given the stakes involved and the ability to bypass the courts, it is recommended that participants have an open mind about what they can glean from the practice.


The very nature of mediation in Sydney is about the give-and-take process. It is only those adults who are able to be mature and open to the practice who will make serious gains with the activity. Read over this advice, speak with people in the know and understand that this voluntary session is a chance to start something new.