Razer says its new finger sleeves can make you a better mobile gamer

Razer’s portfolio of products is extensive, covering the standard items sold by PC-focused companies to the less expected. Its latest offering falls into the latter category: Gaming Finger Sleeves. These cloth thimbles are marketed as a way of increasing responsiveness and keeping your fingers cool while mobile gaming.

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is made of smooth, high-sensitivity fabric that enhances wearers’ aim and control in mobile titles. It’s also just 0.8mm thick and breathable, so your digits shouldn’t become sweaty during prolonged use.

“Woven with highly conductive silver fiber, each sleeve enhances touch sensitivity and response while reducing friction, ensuring an agile, intuitive gaming experience for maximum accuracy,” writes Razer.

A single sleeve, which is one size fits all, can be bought now for $9.99. For comparison, MGC ClawSocks sells a pack of six for $12.99.

While finger sleeves may seem odd, they do serve a purpose. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 that starts in November will have $6 million on offer in its prize pool, the largest in battle royale mobile esports history. The total Prize Pool for the Call of Duty Mobile Masters, meanwhile, was $100,000, so it’s easy to see why competitors seek ways of improving their performance.

The Gaming Finger Sleeve joins Razer’s other eyebrow-raising items, the most recent of which being the reusable N95 mask unveiled at CES back in January. It entered beta testing last month with a new “Razer Zephyr” name.

Alongside its line of regular PC accessories, the company also makes the Anzu smart glasses, clothing, and plush toys featuring its Sneki Snek mascot. And who could forget the Project Valerie triple-screen laptop shown off at CES 2017? Sadly, the machine was never intended to be more than just a concept.